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when andropauze

Tips for choosing a specialist treating impotence

Many men find that discuss sexual health issues with others quite embarrassing, and even humiliating. It is much easier to start drinking such pills like Viagra. But few understood that the vast majority of cases, the return can be masculine and without medication. On the site you can anonymously to make an appointment, then talk openly and honestly with your preferred doctor.

Contact the clinic is extremely important when you see the following symptoms:

    • the complete lack of, or rapid disappearance of erection;
    • reluctance to have sex;
    • the painful sensation that accompanies the process of arousal, or the sexual act itself.

The first assistants to men with similar problems should become specialists (endocrinologists or urologists). On the site you can preview with doctors, leading reception, as well as comprehensive survey programmes. Through the form of “question and answer” you can anonymously get primary consultation to understand better to go to a specialist.

In any case, it is best to consult a urologist?

Urologists clinic Hurma specialize in reproductive health. Depending on your own preferences, the patient may refer to a man or a woman doctor. Thanks to the diagnostic programs “one-two-THREE” and “men’s health”, experts quickly identify the true cause of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, a thorough ultrasound examination of the prostate and kidneys. Urologists also will be able to explain in which cases the viagra australia will not affect potency.

For example, the pills may not work if such deviations were identified:

      • polyuria (excessive urine output);
      • prostate cancer;
      • Prostate adenoma;
      • nerve damage as a result of radical prostatectomy.

Reasons for referral to an endocrinologist

Endocrinologists are specialists in hormones. It is these doctors after careful examination of the results (a list of which can be found on the site) need to receive such pills like Viagra. For example, in the identification of low levels of testosterone, endocrinologist rather adds Andriol or Nebido. Similar treatment will also be true when andropauze (“male menopause”). Negatively affect erections and high levels of prolactin (a hormone that controls production of sperm). Naturally, without having to visit a specialist and analyses, identify such nuances is practically impossible.