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FORGE TRONIC is an electric press for the hot forging of non ferrous metals.

Thanks to Forge Tronic the hot forging process has been re-engineered! All the axis, the upper die, the four extruders and the unloading arm are directly driven by electric motors, allowing the user to regulate and monitor the process variables: position, speed , torque etc. the motors are handled by a dedicated controller, suitably programmed to adjust the sequence of each single axis so that it synchronizes with the others. A PC with a touch screen monitor enables the user to set up the work cycle.

With conventional presses, regulations used to require time and specific knowledge, whereas now they are easily accessible and give immediate results! The stroke, start and end parameters for each extruder can be directly set from the touch screen.

The software provides for the storage of the various items in a database, so any previously stored item can be quickly retrieved.

Integrated die lubrication though 16 upper nozzles and 16 lower nozzles. Start –stop regulation of lubrication points according to position of die. Programmable adjustment of the required oil volume. Monitoring of entire work cycle, including extruder position and par.

Thanks to Forge Tronic you don’t need to be an expert to obtain forged pieces without flash!!

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