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About us

Automazioni  Industriali Srl, leader in robotic solutions for industry, is investing every year in R&D , showing to be a company projected towards new technologies and ready to face new challenges, thanks to its deep knowledge of electrical motors gathered in more than 25 years of activity.

All this gave birth in 2008 to the Forge Tronic project.

A long and complex project that Automazioni Industriali faced in the most brilliant and responsible way. Thanks to the methodical and constant engagement of its collaborators, animated by passion and perseverance, the Forge Tronic project found its identity, becoming nowadays the concrete reply to hot forging necessities.


You can find all this in Forge Tronic, whose first model 4400 went into production in 2010. Of course, the first trial periods led to many improvements, that now are characterising Forge Tronic as unique in its gender!

The results reached through Forge Tronic and the great interest raised among experts is supporting us in our continuous innovation process, pushing us towards new objectives and future developments.