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The Models

The machine represents a new concept and the project is very recent. Until today, Automazioni Industriali planned and realized the following models of Forge Tronic:

TypeCapacityUpper plate strokeGape between platesPunchesPunch StrokeSingle Punch CapacityTotal installed Power Capacity
mmTypemmTonKWN. of cycles 1'
FT 48001800450675ELECTRIC0/1054X754525
FT 7100CL2600450720ELECTRIC0/1052X75 + 2X150602o
FT 130004500450720ELECTRIC0/1202X150 + 2X32010519

In the next months, we will enlarge our offer with new solutions in order to satisfy any necessities.

Keep in touch with us to receive updates about new models and technologies!

From 1800 up to 4500 KN

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